Fiend [noun]

Definition of Fiend:

dastardly person

Synonyms of Fiend:

Opposite/Antonyms of Fiend:




Sentence/Example of Fiend:

But that arch-fiend had been deserted by the majority of his followers, and he was babbling of suicide to his fellow Brahmins.

When he became aware of his snares in time, he occasionally outwitted the crafty fiend.

So the two went apart again; and the leaden-footed hours crept by, and the girl still wrestled with the fiend.

It glared into his eyes like a fiend of hell; it was fiery, sharp as steel—and it had to be seized with the naked hands!

"I am possessed of a fiend," she gasped, going up to the lady and speaking in a low voice, as if afraid to hear her own tones.

Was he a human being, or a fiend, who was in reality possessed of power over the demons of hell?

It was even daring—I assure you one of the chiefs looked like a fiend at my description of Samoan warfare.

A low grating chuckle escaped her lips—the laugh of a fiend—and she began to advance upon her unconscious prey.

In vain I turned round and round, my arms stretched as far as they could extend, in the hope of meeting that woman-fiend.

The impudent fiend came to remonstrate, and killed the wretched sire with a blow of his fist.