Fiendish [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Fiendish:

The enemy saw and with fiendish yells of triumph swarmed upon and over the pieces.

It has upheld the grossest errors and the most fiendish theories as the special revelations of God.

There came a volley followed by fiendish yells and the advance came tearing back, panic-stricken.

A burly warrior scooped up coals on a piece of bark and with a fiendish grin leaped through the smoke.

Laughing when, as you say yourself, the man that she—the cat—wrote that fiendish letter to is in trouble.

From time to time they heard ferocious yells in their rear, and beheld their fiendish pursuers, now also in the cañon.

To Nita it seemed plain that the fiendish pair shared some dark secret between them, and that the man held the balance of power.

She was at the mercy of this fiendish old man who had come into her life so strangely, and at so dark an hour.

But it is as fabricators of new and fiendish noises that the guinea fowl are in a class by themselves.

This church was the scene of one of the most fiendish incidents in the terrible Armenian massacres of 1895.