Fiendishly [adverb]

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Sentence/Example of Fiendishly:

He was leashed to a vile white dog, loathsomely fat, fiendishly ill-natured, gloatingly intractable toward his despised conductor.

On the typewriter she had to learn the alphabet all over again in a new order, and this was fiendishly hard.

The cellar was made awful by a skeleton sitting on a half-buried box and chuckling fiendishly.

But why should she pursue so fiendishly an innocent girl like Dulcibel, who is not conscious of ever having offended her?

Jimmie Greeley was raking in a jackpot, grinning fiendishly at the dour Jim Hutch when they heard heavy, running feet outside.

He must have been one of the Leopards; and, whether it's magic or trickery, those fellows are fiendishly clever.

Would not miss tuh sight of that for a pound of dust, replied Shanty, and the three roared fiendishly together.

He was in one of his fiendishly mirthful humors, rumpling his beard, strutting to and fro, laughing in senseless outbursts.

The fiendishly clever speech of Mr. Bakewell and the deadly summing-up of the judge had not secured a verdict of guilty.

Berlioz gave benefit concerts and wrote fiendishly for the papers to pay her debts, and always provided for her.