Fiercely [adverb]

Definition of Fiercely:

violently, menacingly

Opposite/Antonyms of Fiercely:

Sentence/Example of Fiercely:

Still, there has always been an earnestness about him — a fierce loyalty to teammates, an obsession with studying and preparing and a warmth that always made him one of the most popular players everywhere he played.

It would have used those fierce tentacles — the longest was 14 feet — to latch onto its prey and pull it closer to its beaklike mouth.

The closer we get to the holidays, the more competition gets fierce over major seasonal terms.

The second-half battles have been too fierce to suggest that winning won’t follow eventually.

In the 1990s, a fierce confrontation in the Pacific Northwest pitted loggers against activists and scientists trying to defend ancient forests.

They will also run into fierce Senate GOP resistance to any effort to structurally change the Supreme Court or eliminate the legislative filibuster.

“I never thought twice about the story that I wanted to tell,” said Lister-Jones, who felt a fierce connection to the original as a young outsider.

The company faced fierce criticism from employees and some lawmakers that it wasn’t doing enough to protect workers.

Like Hardwick, Taubes has a fierce imagination and perspective.

Nonetheless, the plan has generated fierce opposition from community groups that oppose more development in their neighborhoods.