Fiesta [noun]

Definition of Fiesta:

day of rest; religious celebration

Synonyms of Fiesta:

Opposite/Antonyms of Fiesta:


Sentence/Example of Fiesta:

Each of them was chuck full of that dubious sort of pride that has busted up more than one love-fiesta.

Of course there was a great fiesta, and the miracles performed in that week of rejoicing will never be forgotten.

The ramas were set up again outside while the Virgin was carried back to her shrine and then the real fiesta began.

The little village where the fiesta was to take place was but a short distance away.

Throughout the fiesta, workers dipped into the pulque casks.

"I heard him announce that he was going to get ready for the fiesta," Kay replied.

Seville,” it has been said, “lights up for a fiesta as a face lights up with a smile.

"I should have watered my garden before coming to the fiesta," he told the old man.

He had received no word, no intimation that he would be wanted at the reservation for the Mona Fiesta.

To the people of her race a wedding means a fiesta, a village hubbub, a dance, and varying degrees of drunkenness.