Fife [verb]

Definition of Fife:

make sharp, shrill sound

Synonyms of Fife:

Opposite/Antonyms of Fife:


Sentence/Example of Fife:

The whole episode contrasts markedly with the exploit of Bishop Sinclair in Fife.

As an example of how political conflicts ought to be carried on take the case of West Fife.

In 1885 the club had their present vessel, the 'Ailsa,' 66 tons, built by Fife of Fairlie; and who better could have been chosen?

A roll of a drum and the skirl of a fife came wafting across the valley on the April breeze.

His fife it was that inspired the weary Deerfield minute-men to press on to Boston to meet the British.

He was a native of Fife, and in early life became versant in occult science.

This was not a propitious year for South coast designers, as Fife held the laurels in the five and likewise in the twenty class.

Naething would satisfy me, man, but to get behind you and kick you over the Firth into the Kingdom of Fife.

A quavering, tiny voice, that came from Anthony, said: "How d' ye do—how d' ye do;" sounding like the first effort of a fife.

The one fife made a thin and pitiful squeaking, but the tune carried far, even to the Gurkhas.