Figment [noun]

Definition of Figment:

creation in one's mind

Synonyms of Figment:

Opposite/Antonyms of Figment:

Sentence/Example of Figment:

This is Sam’s “double,” a figment of his imagination that offers advice that often contradicts what Sam wants to do.

The “discourse” online is between figments of ourselves, ghosts in dialogue.

That this whole thing was a figment of Mr. Hamblen's imagination.

This indeed was his spiritual and mental reality for her; the rest of him was a figment, a dream that might pass suddenly away.

And yet it is not true that matter is a pure figment of the imagination; it has an existence of its own, a potential existence.

The forms of government are abstractions, not names of realities, and their 'mixture' is a pure figment.

It was not that to my feelings the obligations were really a mere figment of pretence.

And that which is called the supernatural is often the figment of a disordered, undisciplined or undeveloped imagination.

Had he not felt her actual weight and warmth, he might have fancied the whole episode a figment of the imagination.

Perhaps this thing he sensed and dreaded was only a grisly figment of his imagination.