Figured [verb]

Definition of Figured:

calculate, compute

Synonyms of Figured:

Opposite/Antonyms of Figured:

Sentence/Example of Figured:

Fancy silk buttons, with worked figured tops, were patented by Wm. Elliott, in 1837.

The back, ribs and head of very beautiful small figured wood.

Detective Frey came in and saw Duggin lying dead, and he figured he'd go out and do big things.

I did think uh tryin' t' get off with their hosses, but I figured it wouldn't pay with that sharp-eared cuss on the watch.

The castle never figured in history and is remarkable chiefly for its unique location.

As Donovan described and figured this insect many years before Dr. Leach, his name has the right of priority.

The method adopted was common in that day, but to us remarkable, as also the names of those who figured prominently therein.

He did a considerable amount of work for Cesar Birotteau and figured among the creditors in his bankruptcy.

"A short time ago you figured out a few new angles," Frey said.

You called us in here and you figured that would automatically put you out of the picture.