Figuring [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Figuring:

I went up to my chamber when we got back, and sat down beside my little glass lamp and did some figuring.

Sitting on a stool and figuring discounts is business, and trading cheese-cloth for parrots is business too.

We can scarcely regard the persons figuring in the following true story as being very much superior to the King of Dahomey.

By the time Mr. Van Britt got back to the train desk, the boss had his pencil out and was figuring on Bertram's time margin.

Not that this city was one of the places figuring in his campaigns, for he was here after and not during the war.

Beaten like a slave; while lodged, while figuring about, like a royal highness, in this sumptuous manner!

I please myself figuring young Friedrich looking at the vestiges of Marlborough, even in a preoccupied uncertain manner.

We give you the job of figuring out the stresses and strains involved.

And the Greeks, in so figuring, uttered the last word of human experience.

I took an early prejudyce against knee-breeches, perhaps from a trick I've always had of figuring the devil as wearing them.