Filch [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Filch:

Come, Filch, you shall go with me into my own Room, and tell me the whole Story.

Is it reasonable to suppose that a girl who could slyly filch my property would put it where it could be found?

There are two great risks in reading sermon books—a tendency to imitate the style and a temptation to filch the jewels.

In his eagerness and greed he suspected nothing, but that on some pretext or other they were trying to filch from him his dues.

And she is to be allowed to filch it, as other widows filch china cups, and a silver teaspoon or two!

For, when from a thousand bushels of beans you filch one, the loss in that case to me is less, but not your villainy.

"The Complete Angler" would be a title they might filch with perfect honor and call their own.

Infidels may filch her morality, as they have often done, and then boast of their discoveries.

The King is said to have answered that he scorned to filch a victory, and that Alexander must conquer openly and fairly.

As the Welshman stole rushes when there was nothing else to filch; only to keep begging in fashion.