Filed [verb]

Definition of Filed:

put in place, order

Synonyms of Filed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Filed:

Sentence/Example of Filed:

The band took up a position in an old Spanish trench and played as the troops filed past along the beach.

The startled guests filed hastily across to find a dainty but sumptuous repast served at little tables.

It must be new not only to the patentee, but to all the people in this country, and at the time he filed his invention.

Presently the lively company filed into the hold, squatted on fish boxes, and proceeded to make themselves comfortable.

The troop rode up the cross road until the bushes were cleared, and then filed into the open field.

The gray dawn was just breaking in the east when the guerrillas filed into the field and formed their line.

It is obvious that a message filed by Oswald would not be found in any of our charge account message files.

That is a separate category of messages filed by telephone subscribers and charged to their telephone.

No word was spoken until the last of the four killers had filed away to secure their horses and be gone.

It was in the garden of the Tuileries, and twenty-four battalions of the Old Guard filed past our great chief.