Files [noun]

Definition of Files:

system of order, placement for ease of use

Synonyms of Files:

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Sentence/Example of Files:

Machines for cutting files and rasps were patented by Mr. Shilton, Dartmouth Street, in 1833.

No escape from the steadily rising flood of letters and files,—none from the swarms of filthy flies.

It is obvious that a message filed by Oswald would not be found in any of our charge account message files.

Albert selected all the incriminating letters and documents he could find and packed the micro-files in his jacket.

Particularly in the absence of any such message in our files.

Are the files of money orders received through branch offices kept in the branch offices, or the Dallas central office?

I did extract from our files all messages matching the message numbers on the cash sheet prepared by Mrs. McClure.

You discussed these money orders with Mr. Lewis after you obtained them from the files; is that correct?

What I expected to see was files of soldiers marching in, but it was very different.

They stripped us stark naked, and the files were found in the bands of our trowsers through which the string that ties them runs.