Filial [adjective]

Definition of Filial:

relating to a son or daughter

Synonyms of Filial:

Opposite/Antonyms of Filial:


Sentence/Example of Filial:

He never saw his father again, their contact limited to letters brimming with intellectual vigor, paternal concern and filial devotion that decades later were published in a best-selling volume in China.

Her husband noticed, and thought it was the expression of a deep filial attachment which he had never suspected.

The Chinese consul paternally tells his countrymen what they are to do, and they do it with filial submission.

Tatsu has been without kindred,—he knows not yet the sacred duties of filial love.

Let them not speak to us of a filial or respectful fear mingled with love, which men should have for their God.

I listened to her religious exhortations with a feeling of filial gratitude, and they sunk deep into my heart.

From the time Schiller left us, he was frequently ill; and we inquired after him with a sort of filial anxiety.

It is probable that parental and filial affection (piets) made this hardship less rigorous than it now seems to us (32, 33).

A last ray of intelligence, the filial instinct perhaps, led this child to die near his mother.

M. d'Infreville's wealth made filial deference on my part only too easy.