Filiation [noun]

Definition of Filiation:

family relationship

Synonyms of Filiation:

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Sentence/Example of Filiation:

I am not sufficiently acquainted with the filiation of the Indian tribes, to know what relation the Botecudos bear to the Tupayas.

It is therefore strange that no critic should have emphasized and explained the close filiation between him and Montaigne.

The filiation of modern European tongues is known to every one.

The second fallacy which the historical citation is a little apt to suggest is that the filiation of ideas is a simple problem.

It appeared to me that, as it were, a spiritual filiation took place between him and me.

His earlier works bear signs of his filiation to Tura and Cossa.

In the case of the commune, the principle of filiation enables us to accomplish this with remarkable success.

The first volume of this celebrated work contains in the general introduction a detailed exposition of his theory of filiation.

Without the Doctrine of Filiation, the fact of315 organic development in general cannot be understood.

In Japan, as among the Basques, filiation is subordinated to the transmission of property.