Filing [verb]

Definition of Filing:

put in place, order

Synonyms of Filing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Filing:

Sentence/Example of Filing:

Nor can other creditors through filing objections to a claim prevent a bona fide claimant from voting.

The girls of the Junior class in modern history were filing out on Friday.

Industrious junior clerks have put away a parcel of it in each one of their beautiful green filing cases.

Office equipment including floor cabinets and metal filing cabinets is made at Crozet.

One having to do with a received money order, and the other instance having to do with the filing of a telegram.

For, filing out of the gates and spreading out across the valley was the vanguard of an army.

Five hundred specially made Receptacles, in handsome, serviceable filing cases.

They made a good figure filing past the three visitors, as the young Seigneur admitted.

Harwood was busy filing papers when Mr. Fitch summoned him to his private room on the day indicated.

The link which he was filing snapped when only half cut through: the whole apparatus swung violently.