Fillet [noun]

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And the sun was glancing on many a gemmed fillet and many a ribbon-decked, blond tress that fell nigh to its proud owner's knees.

A gold fillet, set with another matchless diamond, confined her hair, which fell loosely in wavy tresses round her shoulders.

This is bound round the forehead by a fillet sometimes made of camel's hair, which holds it in its place tightly, like a cap.

To form cutlets similar to the fillet cutlets, place them in a frying-pan, and let them poach in water.

Fillet a brace of woodcock, soak them in salad oil seasoned with black pepper, some cloves, and a pounded head of garlic.

Sometimes, in the case of Royalty or princes of rank, the bascinet was encircled with a fillet or crown of gold and gems.

Anadem, an′a-dem, n. a band or fillet bound round the head: a wreath or chaplet of flowers.

The hair was parted in boldly indicated waves over the broad low brow, and confined by a fillet in a large loose knot at the back.

Cut slices from either a fillet of veal, a round of fresh beef, a leg of mutton, or a leg of pork.

She was dressed in a white wrapper with a frilled collar, and her hair was bound round her head with a fillet of blue silk.