Filling [noun]

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A couple dozen neighbors and friends were casting nets helter-skelter, opening and filling coolers—lids askew, barely containing the burgeoning kicking and jumping crustaceans.

Next day they crossed the bridge again but swung west from Highway 101 to visit the farm town of Tomales, not much more than a main street of stores and a filling station.

In other words, bing has become shorthand for an endless array of flour-based, round, and flat items that can be the vehicle for sauces like hoisin and chili and fillings like scallions, ham, and pickled things.

This two-liter hydration bladder has an easy slide-seal top opening that closes tightly, but also provides wide access for easy filling and cleaning.

Ethiopia had in the past asserted that the filling of the dam should not be subject to the conclusion of an agreement—a condition that it feared would weaken its position in the negotiations.

Some of the soldiers secured the porter from creating an alarm; and the rest filling the hall, fastened the door.

As they went cutting sidewise through the water, the sails bellied taut, with the wind filling and overflowing them.

Let an interval elapse between the filling of succeeding pipes.

These stems, with the refuse of other tobacco, are sometime used as filling for the commonest kind of cigars.

The filling is known as tripa, the very best being selected, like the leaf, for the best cigars.