Fillings [noun]

Definition of Fillings:

something that takes up

Synonyms of Fillings:

Opposite/Antonyms of Fillings:

Sentence/Example of Fillings:

Here considerable variety may be had, for there are a number of these foods that make excellent fillings.

No difficulty will be experienced in making any of these fillings if the directions are carefully followed.

They are much used in cakes, muffins, and hot breads and in fillings for cakes and cookies.

This is an excellent foundation cake for use with various flavorings, icings, and fillings.

It will be obvious that the amount of fuel introduced will be the larger, the greater the intervals between two fillings.

Among the fillings-up of the squint, we found three curious circular stones, each with an ornamental volute at the end.

We used to make up dishes of fillings ahead of time and keep them on ice.

The pause gave me the opportunity to observe that he was not the man with the gold fillings.

The door head consists of three brick arches in relief with stucco tympanums or fillings.

The fillings in the joints of pipes, etc., do not suffer so much, and therefore keep longer.