Filming [verb]

Definition of Filming:

take photographs

Synonyms of Filming:

Opposite/Antonyms of Filming:


Sentence/Example of Filming:

He recalled in an interview with the newspaper Le Réveil that, during a break in filming, he had to relieve himself by a roadside, lifting his nun’s habit to do so.

As with the tweaked “Revelations,” the 19-dancer “Testament” was shot partly outdoors at Wave Hill, with the dancers removing their masks for the filming itself.

According to the newspaper, the district will collect $750 for each day required to prepare and tear down the set as well as $2,500 for each day of filming.

In March 2019, Amazon was reportedly in talks with Yoozoo to purchase filming rights for The Three-Body Problem for $1 billion, though Yoozoo later denied the claims.

The commander hesitated, sweat filming his face as he looked at them.

The ordinary participants in the filming of a picture—the “extras”—seldom know much about the story.

Why, right at the start of the filming Diana fell in love with Sam Seventeen, one of the other actors.

Paula Quinton, who had come up during the filming of the scene, exploded.

He was headed directly toward a camera that was "filming" an elaborate ball room scene.

Nowadays, also, the filming of aeroplane flights from a fixed point on the ground is by no means easy.