Films [noun]

Definition of Films:

coating, tissue; mist

Synonyms of Films:

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Sentence/Example of Films:

I ask for half a dozen projectors or so in every school, and for a well-stocked storehouse of films.

Such films will keep for years, but for some stains they must not be more than a few weeks old.

Unfixed films are stained about three minutes, rinsed quickly, dried, and mounted.

Stained films show notable irregularities in size, shape, and staining properties only in advanced cases.

Objectionable publications, films, broadcasting, and television have been the subject of expert appraisal in many countries.

The barrier between parent and child can be lifted by meetings where talks are given and films shown.

He explained that he could not give any opinion until he took their films from their kodak and had them developed.

And the eel had twisted itself round the eagle, and the eagle had covered her eyes with the black films of death.

I went right over to the mine with my camera, after you called me, and I have a whole roll of films for youa dozen pictures.

The films of wood smoke from the camp-fires spread in a pale blue vapour, and the babbling stream flashed.