Fin [noun]

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Mais on peut bien appeller vn voyage heureux, quand en fin on arrive bon port.

En fin il parvint Dieppe, & apres quelque sejour il se mit en mer le 26.

Bref ilz remboursent lesditz Marchs de chac deux milles livres, 176 & se mettent en fin la voile le 26.

He got powerful mad kaze he couldn' fin' nothin', den he look out de window an' seed Mis' Laura.

They're like whisky, gran' at the time, but you sing sorry next day, an' fin' oot what a fool you hae been.

You can fin' her on Cannon Street, but I'll tell you dat she's pretty puny now, since her stroke.

Then spake the Earl to that man whose name 118 some say was Fin, but as others have it was of Finnish kith and kin.

Since then a succeeding owner has reverted to a sort of heavy fin-keel, but the boat has not done so well in racing as formerly.

And the King said yea to all whatever Fin asked of him, & they twain before witnesses took one another by the hand thereon.

Earl Fin would in no wise consent to flee and was taken captive; he could not see well.