Finality [noun]

Definition of Finality:

definiteness, conclusiveness

Synonyms of Finality:

Opposite/Antonyms of Finality:

Sentence/Example of Finality:

The thud of a bar dropped in place punctuated the evening's experience with a glum finality.

But Susannah, strengthened by an intense and hidden feeling, answered with a finality calm to cruelty.

It was only when the crown was placed upon her head that she realized the reality and the finality of the proceedings.

"But we shall," the Irish girl assured with a finality that lacked conviction.

"You are in my house," said Madam, with a finality that was not to be disputed.

It fell with a looseness and 323 finality that told Masten of the end.

The idea of finality leads one back to the idea of fact, one is no longer tempted to attempt an explanation of nature.

What if the sleep became a merciful finality, sponging out the aimless unrest men called life?

They had not arrived at a finality anywhere, save perhaps in their mode of government.

A groan broke from him that bore witness at once to the bitterness of his soul and the finality of the argument.