Finalization [noun]

Definition of Finalization:

accomplishment, finishing

Synonyms of Finalization:

Opposite/Antonyms of Finalization:

Sentence/Example of Finalization:

The parties have yet to finalize the deal and may not proceed with it, the people said.

It’s something that the company won’t finalize for a few weeks as it waits to see what the results of the election is this year, as well as if some states re-issue stay-at-home orders over the fall and winter.

My Imperfect Life marks the sixth new title launch from Future since it finalized the acquisition of TI Media in April, after Gardening ETC, Fit & Well, Pets Radar, Adventure and What To Watch.

They filed for divorce, a legal split that was finalized the following March.

The department pledged to finalize the regulations in a little more than a year.

The agency was finalizing the number of homes it would let developers build within the next eight years – a state requirement that has failed to actually produce more housing for 50 years.