Finalizing [verb]

Definition of Finalizing:

finish, complete action

Synonyms of Finalizing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Finalizing:

Sentence/Example of Finalizing:

Two weeks earlier, Candice had finalized her divorce and was a year into her work as CEO of Cincinnati-based Hillman Accelerator.

Netflix is finalizing a deal to purchase the rights to The Woman in the Window from Disney, Deadline reported yesterday.

SANDAG rejected that appeal at the same time it finalized the countywide allocations.

The City Council has until the end of the month to finalize which measures will appear on the November ballot, but we can already say that voters won’t have to weigh in on one potential measure this year.

Before finalizing each article, Thesis ensured it earned an A-grade or better in the Clearscope optimization tool, and that attention to detail paid off.

"Sometimes I wonder why men ever finalize their status with women," Kennon murmured.