Financed [noun]

Definition of Financed:

economic affairs

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Sullivan also points out that, compared to the early days of Bitcoin and Ethereum, the cryptocurrency industry has attracted a greater share of people from the world of conventional finance.

It’s important to see you can work in finance, you can build a business, you can be a congresswoman.

According to Jill Gonzalez, an analyst with the consumer finance site WalletHub, the Chase Sapphire Reserve has likely taken a hit.

After all, it was just three years ago that a viral essay predicted that the sale of tokens would democratize finance and disrupt the venture capital firms of Silicon Valley.

This provides them with more control over their finances and the safe, contactless digitization that they have come to expect in the new world.

Shooting up through the government bureaucracy, he landed key postings at the ministries of economic development and finance, where, as chief of staff, he helped oversee privatization programs and spearheaded tax reforms.

Mason Herron, a political consultant, has been helping us compile and understand campaign finance reports for a while.

This is how so many business journalists and finance professionals failed to see the last financial crisis coming.

First, all employees would have respectable clothes to wear regardless of finances.

It wasn’t only in Hollywood where it didn’t happen, but in finance and tech and many other areas.