Financial [adjective]

Definition of Financial:

having to do with money

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Sentence/Example of Financial:

The Singapore hub coincides with the launch of a multi-year global campaign with financial services company ING.

Smith, as part of written responses to The Post, deferred specific questions about the financial setup to a “marketing partner” called Rally Forge, which he said was running the program for Turning Point.

While it lost 20% during 2008’s financial crisis, it gained 45% and 25% in 2010 and 2011, respectively.

No matter the country, financial industry incumbents can have outdated systems and processes and lots of people, Russak-Aminoach says, meaning “how far you can go with your turnaround is limited.”

For instance, a client might want to target financial advisors or CEOs and see everything that the audience group has read over the last month.

Pork production, for example, had fallen by more than half by the end of April, causing steep financial losses.

Even if you were a proven operator, it was hard to get a loan because everyone in the financial industry knew the shaky financial ground that restaurants were built upon.

Since the financial crisis, the typical S&P 500 pullback of 5% or more has lasted for 20 trading days and extended by 7% from peak to trough, matching the magnitude of the most recent pullback if not the speed.

In the financial world there are plenty who argue that the low interest bills America currently pays on its growing debt are just a short-term respite –- like a teaser rate on a jumbo mortgage.

The temptation to pour his financial troubles into the sympathetic ears of these two dear women he resisted.