Financier [noun]

Definition of Financier:

person who lends money, advises

Synonyms of Financier:

Opposite/Antonyms of Financier:


Sentence/Example of Financier:

Kuaishou’s stock is a huge hit with both institutional financiers and retail investors from China, many of whom are familiar with the app that boasted 481 million monthly users in the 11 months ended November.

At the same time, more stable budgeting would provide a lower-risk investment environment for financiers.

At the same time, in Tuesday’s runoff Georgia Senate races, financiers and other corporate heavyweights have been surging support to the two Republican incumbents fighting to hold on to their seats, and with them, GOP control of the chamber.

Real estate financier and Faulconer supporter David Malcolm had long urged the mayor to pursue a service hub for homeless San Diegans.

The objections come from groups far beyond theater owners to include producers, directors, publicists, managers, agents, lawyers and financiers.

Modeled on the National Institutes of Health, the largest financier for biomedical research in the world, Gates called for the Energy Innovation Institutes to comprise separate institutions focusing on specific areas.

For example, Shopify Studios updates Shopify’s finance department regularly on programs’ costs, sending through cash flow documents and cost reports as a production firm would typically provide to a show’s financier.

The financier sold them for six francs each to the allied armies, from 1817 to 1819.

A true financier grieves neither for the loss of friends, wife, nor children.

James Necker, the prime minister and great financier, ordered to leave France.