Finds [noun]

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The new find suggests that at least some signals that look like short GRBs are in fact magnetar flares.

The Daily Telegraph and Illustrated London News also covered his finds enthusiastically.

He takes his Instagram followers along for the ride, feeding them a steady stream of photos of his finds, along with an occasional look at how he returned them to their former glory.

A round stone excavated at Israel’s Tabun Cave in the 1960s represents the oldest known grinding or rubbing tool, say researchers who scrutinized the 350,000-year-old find.

More recently, Google introduced Product Shipping rich results in response to increased online shopping, and Home Activities to help individuals in lockdown find exercises and activities to do at home.

If it checks out, send it to a commercial laboratory, like Actlabs, to confirm that your find is a visitor from space.

More than once I caught myself day-dreaming about a big find, something we could shave onto a dish of risotto or tagliatelle.

The find also challenges long-standing ideas about the roles of women back then.

Teen designs belt to hold down a sea turtle’s bubble buttWord find

This find suggests that the body size of birds were reaching their lower limit by 99 million years ago, he says.