Finely [adverb]

Definition of Finely:

not often; exceptionally

Opposite/Antonyms of Finely:

Sentence/Example of Finely:

The beauty of the thinly sliced ham is that you can finely chop it much more quickly than you can whole ham, so I recommend starting with that.

The finely-tuned Netflix drama about the co-writer of Citizen Kane is about the power of movies.

I like them finely chopped as an aromatic seasoning ingredient, in both salads and cooked dishes.

Combining finely-tuned haptic feedback moments with 3-D audio makes the PS5 feel like a truly next-generation experience.

By July 3, 2019, the hospital had begun dropping lawsuits it’d filed against defendants and the finely tuned debt collection machine ground to a halt.

Instead, for a safe, steady energy output, the pigments of the photosystem had to be very finely tuned in a certain way.

Physicists suspect that there’s an ultimate limit to how finely seconds can be divided.

Beneath its far-flung branches a syce was sitting in front of a finely-proportioned and unusually big Arab horse.

The finely granular variety is the least significant, and is found when the epithelium is only moderately affected.

The baby's white robe, finely wrought in open-work, was also done, and freshly washed and ironed.