Finery [noun]

Definition of Finery:

best clothing

Synonyms of Finery:

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Sentence/Example of Finery:

There was no finery in her wardrobe, a few neat cotton gowns for summer wear, and homespun for the winter—that was all.

Most of the farmers wore linen dusters and broad straw hats, but their women had put on all their finery.

The females of these people were very ragged and dirty, and at the same time loaded with finery.

There it appears among the rugged doggrel, a piece of continental finery stitched into the homely Saxon garb.

And what with the wedding which mamma always insists upon, and the bridal finery she bestows, the burden is redoubled.

They were all clad in their native finery, seemingly hearty and well fed, and each as arrogant as a king.

Lear, or rather the actor who plays Lear's part, adds that there is no need for a lady's finery, which does not keep her warm.

When I'm no longer young I'll lend money to great ladies on their finery; for passion never calculates, it pays blindly.'

But now, her wealth and finery fled,Her hangers-on cut short all; The doctors found, when she was dead—Her last disorder mortal.

But how to get quit of the finery, and the Frenchman, and the britschka?