Finesse [noun]

Definition of Finesse:

know-how, maneuver

Synonyms of Finesse:

Opposite/Antonyms of Finesse:

Sentence/Example of Finesse:

Whereas Owusu’s game features power, from the ferocity of her drives to the velocity on her passes, Miller’s has a bit more finesse.

While the ingredient list is pretty short, the techniques involved in order to achieve the main goal — a muffin with perfect pockets of nooks and crannies — requires some patience and finesse.

He has sticky hands, and he does a terrific job blending muscle and finesse around the basket — 102 players took at least 200 shots in the restricted area last season, and only Dwight Howard was more accurate than Wood’s 77 percent.

A smart toaster might sound unnecessary, but having the extra finesse is actually nifty.

The same game of finesse was played at his own table; for there De Patinos had for some time assumed an air of civility.

Yet the word vagrant is a misnomer in this city, where economy has reached a finesse that is marvelous.

His action was simply the action of a strong, business-like, and patriotic man, forgetful of finesse.

A servant full of finesse and irreproachable in appearance, he was of the greatest service to his master.

With much finesse Duret showed this young woman the character of M. de la Baudraye in its true light.

Tricks may be given away, if by so doing a favourable opening can be made for a finesse.