Fingernail [noun]

Definition of Fingernail:

nail of animal; tool shaped like nail of an animal

Synonyms of Fingernail:

Opposite/Antonyms of Fingernail:


Sentence/Example of Fingernail:

You’re always chewing your fingernails, hoping that your budget’s going to balance, hoping you can continue doing the work you need to do.

He took one up, eased a stray safety match from his vest pocket, flicked it with his fingernail, and lit up.

Frey reached in his pocket and pulled out a safety match and flicked it with his fingernail.

He yanked off the cover, losing most of a fingernail in the process, and removed the fuse.

Her dainty pointed fingernail, varnished blue, stabbed at points of light.

"Let's see now," he said, and ran a highly polished fingernail down a long column of names.

In one corner, he found a barely discernible indentation that might have been made by a fingernail.

Metallic feathers were thrust with clockwork precision into the wings of a skeleton bird no longer than my fingernail.

Deftly he slit the paper with his fingernail and removed a strip of it, revealing a listening device.

He took it with him to the nearest bank, feeling its folded bulk and running a fingernail along the serrated edge.