Fingerprint [noun]

Definition of Fingerprint:

mark on finger

Synonyms of Fingerprint:

Opposite/Antonyms of Fingerprint:


Sentence/Example of Fingerprint:

Red pigment marks shaped like human fingerprints dot the inside of the shell, near its wide opening where someone trimmed the edge.

If we look closely at the images produced by telescopes, we see the fingerprints of quantum mechanics.

Smudges left by their fingerprints may not be your only touch screen issue.

Although the four Afghans had names that were similar to those of known Taliban fighters who had left DNA or fingerprints on bombs used to attack Americans, they weren’t same men or they weren’t Taliban, according to the Army.

Citizens were asked to collect evidence, take photographs and process fingerprints.

But, it still has a long way to go before it gains anywhere near the kind of legal credibility enjoyed by other techniques like fingerprints and DNA evidence.

Most smartphone owners, for example, have become accustomed to trusting their devices with sensitive personal information about their bodies, using their faces or fingerprints to unlock devices quickly.

They use his company’s fingerprint scanners, and over the next couple of months, they plan to also add facial recognition as another way to sign-in.

The park later changed its policy to give customers the option of using a fingerprint registration system.

Getting the fingerprint reader set up took me a few tries—the narrow button doesn’t have much surface area so I had to restart the registration process more than ones.