Finishers [noun]

Definition of Finishers:

verbal fight

Synonyms of Finishers:

Opposite/Antonyms of Finishers:

Sentence/Example of Finishers:

However, whether Newton was satisfied or not, this conversazione was a finisher to Dr Feasible, who resigned the contest.

She then obtained employment as a finisher in a skirt factory, where her best wage was $7.

When a lap is delivered from the finisher picker, it should weigh a given number of ounces per yard.

It is quite light and thin, and when blocked or otherwise, and dried, is then ready for stiffening by the finisher.

After receiving a coat of size and one of varnish, this body will be ready, like the other FUR body, for the finisher.

After combing, the wool is gilled again by machines known as finisher gill boxes, and wound into a ball called a top.

He was English by birth, but was brought up in this country, and learned the trade of hat finisher.

She is a "trouser finisher," and earns one penny per hour; sometimes she lies on her bed while at work.

The finisher girl blushed deeply and refrained from any response.

And, then, Johnny Laidlay was a very fine finisher in a tight match.