Fiord [noun]

Definition of Fiord:

shoreline indentation

Synonyms of Fiord:

Opposite/Antonyms of Fiord:


Sentence/Example of Fiord:

Nowhere do these terrific forces appear more formidably conjoined than in the surprising strait known as the Lyse-Fiord.

In the Lyse-Fiord, the sea is almost always tranquil; the sky above is serene; the place terrible.

Then Brouk at that word so wrathful grew, The keys he into the salt fiord threw.

The author has seen a whale in precisely similar circumstances in a Norwegian fiord.

We were taken prisoners two years ago by vikings from Norway, when visiting our father in a village near the Forth fiord.

There are only thirty or forty more miles to go, and then we shall enter the Voranger Fiord.

The curtain rises on a rocky Norwegian fiord where a sailing-vessel has found shelter from a storm that is raging on the open sea.

But I will throw myself into the fiord some day, and go to sea.

You only seem to be in your element when you are on the borders of the fiord or on the open sea.

The scene resembles a Norwegian fiord, translated into tropical terms of climate and vegetation.