Firebrand [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Firebrand:

Mehta had spent a decade breaking stories and writing firebrand columns for the Daily News.

How otherwise could the name of mother-in-law, on the stage and in divers domestic circles, have become a synonym for firebrand?

He was a firebrand, infinitely more dangerous and incendiary than any Abolitionist whom he denounced.

Always in my dreams it reached its climax when that living firebrand went tearing off into the thickets.

If he was Siegfried the gay, she was Chriemhild the grim; and as likely to prove a firebrand as the girl in the ballad.

She would almost rather live next to a talking machine than a firebrand.

For to teach a slave was to make a firebrand—to arouse that love of freedom which stops at nothing short of absolute freedom.

Like the Mojaves and Yumas, the Maricopas in cold weather carry a firebrand to warm themselves withal.

The King in person led his chiefe forces in166to Kent, against Odo his vncle, the principall firebrand of all this flame.

I was just over the last libel action brought against 'The Firebrand' by the last enemy on my list when I sold out.