Firecrackers [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Firecrackers:

A demonstrator lobbed a string of firecrackers toward police.

I had to set off a pretty loud firecracker to wake those Sound & Cape fellows up.

Because when the sky-cracker gets high enough in the air the firecracker part of it will go off with a bang, and he'll be killed.

Each of us lighted a firecracker and held it with the fuse sputtering and sizzling, until they were almost opposite.

Shortly thereafter the first shot went off and it sounded to me as if it were a firecracker.

There was a tradition that somebody had once held a firecracker in his hand too long and had been badly hurt by it.

The general effect, quoting Mr. Bloomer again, was "as if somebody had set off a firecracker in a fruit-peddler's cart."

A ten-minute speech with a lot of firecracker adjectives wouldn't have made Bill's meaning any clearer.

"They are about burned out," answered the officer, as the last firecracker went off with an extra loud bang.

I think she thought it was, if I'm not wrong, she thought it was a loud retort, either a gun or a firecracker.