Firefighters [noun]

Definition of Firefighters:

one who extinguishes fires

Synonyms of Firefighters:

Opposite/Antonyms of Firefighters:


Sentence/Example of Firefighters:

Fieri has been spending a lot of his time during the pandemic raising money and advocating for restaurant workers — and feeding firefighters in Northern California.

Officials said the two dogs were Great Danes and one had to be carried out by firefighters.

No one was reported to be seriously hurt, although one resident had to be rescued by firefighters from the building’s third floor.

He even spent some time working as a firefighter and paramedic in Antarctica.

Video from the scene Wednesday afternoon showed firefighters spraying water on orange flames that were leaping into the sky from a hole in the middle of Hooes Road.

Last week in this space, Answer Man wrote about a time before radios, before cars, but not before police — or firefighters.

Maryland is now providing vaccines for seniors 65 and older, as well as teachers, firefighters, law enforcement officers, day-care providers and other essential workers.

Fellow firefighters, organized by their chief, recorded video messages where they read their “Squadfather” a Bible verse, urged him to get better, told him he’s a “fighter.”

At the height of California’s worst wildfire season on record, Geoff Marshall looked down at his computer and realized that an enormous blaze was about to take firefighters by surprise.

We watched all those security measures in our seat of government trampled by fellow Americans — police officers, firefighters, business owners, veterans and even at least one elected leader.