Firefly [noun]

Definition of Firefly:

nocturnal luminescent beetle

Synonyms of Firefly:

Opposite/Antonyms of Firefly:


Sentence/Example of Firefly:

For the sea firefly — which uses glowing trails to attract mates — a small increase could give it a sexy advantage.

The ordinary firefly to which we are accustomed gives off a very much brighter light if placed in warm water.

On a grassy bank we captured a firefly and shut him in between the glass and the face of our pocket compass.

An erratic firefly wandered down from the overhanging branches, then commenced to dart from side to side near her head.

And he wondered whether it might be a relation of Freddie Firefly.

Well was it then for Martin Rattler that a friendly heart beat for him on board the Firefly.

The Firefly was hove to, a boat was lowered and rowed towards Barney, whose strong voice guided his shipmates towards him.

Those blue eyes—that voice—hovered before his imagination even as a stray firefly or so hovered before his path.

The fairy prince lies deep and dark,Waiting for the firefly's spark;If you wish to see him now,Follow me, and make a bow.

I began to tighten the girths, venting my feelings on Firefly until the animal swung around and made a vicious pass at my arm.