Fireplaces [noun]

Definition of Fireplaces:

hearth for burning wood

Synonyms of Fireplaces:

Opposite/Antonyms of Fireplaces:


Sentence/Example of Fireplaces:

They might be the next best thing to rubbing your hands together over a roaring fireplace.

Right now I’m sitting in front of the fireplace at home in Bozeman, Montana, wearing the Xenolith over a thin merino T-shirt.

This year in addition to staying open, they have inaugurated specially curated packages to appeal to guests who prefer a steaming hot chocolate beside a fireplace to snow sports.

Here’s our list of smart, fun, and useful presents that will fit in socks hung above the fireplace and make anyone happy on Christmas morning—and well afterward.

We made cold weather campaigns for people who were fans of coats, fireplaces, boots, other wintery gear.

As practical as the Barebones Pulaski is, this particular version is also an aesthetic beauty that you’ll want to hang over your fireplace.

Today’s buyers are more interested in home offices, indoor and outdoor amenities like large pools, BBQ areas, and outdoor fireplaces.

She was boiling mullets over a few red coals in the huge fireplace.

Through these flues were forced currents of hot air from a blaze in a large fireplace at one end of the house.

It was deep twilight in the room, and rather cold, for the eucalyptus and olive logs in the fireplace still awaited the match.