Fireproof [adjective]

Definition of Fireproof:

resistant to burning

Synonyms of Fireproof:

Opposite/Antonyms of Fireproof:

Sentence/Example of Fireproof:

You can, however, place the hand warmer on a fireproof surface once you’re done using it and let it naturally smolder out.

The very fact that firefighting is publicly funded decreases the incentive for WUI residents to fireproof their properties.

He was referring to the value of asbestos millboard as a lining for fireproof cases and deed boxes.

"You are certainly a generous magician," said the prince, fastening the fireproof mask on, while his heart throbbed gladly.

The floors throughout are fireproof, formed of iron joists, and arched with hollow bricks of a singular construction.

It is easier to take a city block and construct fireproof, high buildings than to solve transportation problems.

Tommy's hotel had outgrown the original modest building and was now modern and fireproof.

It is claimed that the cotton is rolled so tightly by this process that the bales are practically fireproof and waterproof.

Rich and poor, high and low, young and old at once found themselves crowded indiscriminately in cellars and fireproof vaults.

The Will remained in its fireproof box at my office, through more years than I like to reckon up.