Fireside [noun]

Definition of Fireside:

a fireplace

Synonyms of Fireside:

Opposite/Antonyms of Fireside:


Sentence/Example of Fireside:

The quiet comfort and heartfelt warmth of an English fireside must be felt to be appreciated.

Little Colonel comes cautiously into the room, hugging the wall till he is back at the fireside.

But Gwynne concealed the promptings of vanity and took one of the chairs at the fireside, asking permission to light his pipe.

Well said, my man; but remember 'tis easier talking by one's own fireside than doing when the trial comes.

In its inception it was a mere attempt to write pleasing, popular verse of a better kind in the dialect of the fireside.

Mistral's poetic ideas have been largely suggested to him by popular beliefs and the stories he heard at his fireside when a boy.

From his corner of the fireside lounge, where he seated himself beside her, his eyes regarded her with a grave and dark lucidity.

Landy Spencer drummed his knotty fingers on the armchair and looked thoughtfully at the old Nestor seated at his fireside.

Puckered with chills and goose-flesh, the fireside people huddled and sneezed around their respective hearths.

There was an inoffensive family sitting round the fireside with a couple of neighbours.