Firing [verb]

Definition of Firing:

cause to burn

Synonyms of Firing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Firing:

Sentence/Example of Firing:

They then tested whether they could induce firing and networking between the cobalt “neurons.”

He became Arizona’s quarterbacks coach in 2017, then its offensive coordinator the next season after a midseason firing.

Top Amazon executive quits over the firings of warehouse workers and climate activistsCarla Johnson has already been won over by Amazon.

The all-up engine firing is scheduled to occur as early as the fourth week of February.

Video from that incident sparked national protests and led to the firing of the police chief and a new emphasis on sending mental health experts rather than police to deal with similar crises.

The firings of Coates, Yates and Lipien swiftly followed their appointments by Pack in December.

Google has said it is confident in the legality of the firings.

At one end is a model proposed in the 1970s called the “activation-synthesis hypothesis,” which suggests that dreams are our brains’ attempts to impose a semblance of structure on the chaotic imagery prompted by essentially random neural firings.

In an interview with Bloomberg on Thursday, Gebru said that the firing happened after a protracted fight with her superiors over the publication of an AI ethics research paper.

In fact, their firing was intended to quell workplace activism through intimidation, according to Laurie Burgess, the NLRB lawyer handling the case.