Firming [verb]

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In return, the crowdfunding platform will provide the firm with access to its startup network.

The tactic accounts for around 70% of Robinhood’s revenue, raising questions of whether this is sustainable and if the firm will be able to diversify its revenue stream in the future.

The mission, the firm’s 16th so far, included a soft parachute landing of the first-stage booster to the ocean for the first time.

Green tech firms struggle to find financing for their ideas, which is a major barrier to tackling our growing climate problem.

So, this firm, they may say, “Well, that seems like the best time for me to advertise.”

It’s hard enough to go out and collect data on one firm and their advertising and sales spending, let alone do this for hundreds of products at once.

Virgin Hyperloop is not the only firm developing the concept but nobody has carried passengers before.

According to Lively’s PR firm’s tracking software, more than 100 million people around the globe have.

Through his investment firm, TPG, which now manages over $83 billion, he would go on to do multiple legendary deals, involving companies from Burger King to Ryanair to power company Texas Genco.

An Apollo spokeswoman said the firm is one of many YRC lenders.