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That firm is owned by Cathy O’Neil, a data scientist and the author of Weapons of Math Destruction, one of the seminal popular books on AI bias, who has advocated for AI audits for years.

The firm that was portrayed, or at least was the inspiration for “The Wolf of Wall Street,” was Stratton Oakmont.

His firm didn’t make the investment, but when the former Economist science writer took over, the company was able to nab a seed round from PG&E and SoCal Gas, California’s two massive utilities.

He worked on Wall Street and then established a successful private equity firm in Philadelphia.

The firm wants Honor Court case files, “notes, findings and conclusions.”

The firm’s next report is due in early March, and its final report with recommendations and findings must be completed by June 1.

In late November, she filed a lawsuit against the firm, which has since been acquired by Arlington Capital Partners and renamed Tyto Athene.

Private entities like construction firms and utility companies pay towns for an officer’s time, at rates that can top $100 per hour, which are written into police contracts, the Press and ProPublica found.

So are ad management tech firm CafeMedia and Meredith Digital, publisher of brands like Martha Stewart and AllRecipes.

In the fourth quarter of 2020, CTV devices accounted for 49% of the time people spent streaming video globally, according to video measurement and analytics firm Conviva.