Firstly [adverb]

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Sentence/Example of Firstly:

For it would be necessary to know: Firstly, If those who are said to be the first authors of these narrations truly are such.

These objects may be considered firstly as individual and perhaps selfish; and, secondly, as general and for the common good.

I come as a suppliant, to implore you—firstly for the man who is my father—and secondly for yourself, to warn you.

Firstly, that gain is not to be considered unlawful because it comes by good fortune, and not by one's own labour.

Firstly, the womb communicates with the heart by the mediation of those arteries which come from the aorta.

"Firstly, I think I shall paint, and rove about among this beautiful scenery," he replied.

Firstly, never play with insurrection unless you are fully prepared to face the consequences of your play.

The following list contains firstly those articles which have this tendency, and then those which can be taken with impunity.

The charm of the town consists firstly, in its situation, and secondly, in its association.

Firstly, that lady is mine own sister, hight Yvette, and she is the daughter of King Pecheur.