Firsts [noun]

Definition of Firsts:

original, example

Synonyms of Firsts:

Opposite/Antonyms of Firsts:

Sentence/Example of Firsts:

Firsts and seconds were provided with a lamp for each compartment.

The Florence got two firsts and one second, and we secured two seconds and one first out of the three races.

This only increased his renown, for the name of Ferrars figured among the earliest double-firsts.

It is what the philosopher calls the law of ultimates, or the process from firsts to lasts and from lasts to firsts.

The relay, with its eight points for the winner, was safely tucked in the Scouts' total of firsts and seconds.

That evening as he sat discussing the cricket match with Morgan the captain of the school came in and gave him his "Firsts."

Sell firsts in orchard; sell seconds in car lots in bulk; sell culls in bulk for cider or vinegar.

But the Firsts flew at them like eagle-hawks, and a neat bit of bayonet work settled the Turks for good and all.

There are no "firsts" or "double firsts;" no "wranglers;" no "senior opts" or "junior opts."

We will consider the price of all eggs from the quotation of Western firsts in the New York market.