Firth [noun]

Definition of Firth:

arm of the sea

Synonyms of Firth:

Opposite/Antonyms of Firth:


Sentence/Example of Firth:

It was in the month of January, and the wind, which was blowing hard across the Firth, roared round the tower.

They continued their course until they came to a place where a firth penetrated far into the country.

The broad Firth was ever ebbing and flowing with the restless sea, and the burns bickering down the glens.

From its crested ridge and flanking hills the city trailed a dusky banner of smoke out over the fishing fleet in the Firth.

Naething would satisfy me, man, but to get behind you and kick you over the Firth into the Kingdom of Fife.

A boat's crew recently left Newhaven pier for the oyster dredging in the Firth of Forth.

From this great height, both expanses of the Firth, with their bounding shores, lie spread below like a map.

In the firth leading to Liverpool, we count no less than twenty-one, of which twelve are total.

By fell or firth if thou have to travel, provide thee well with food.

Sigmund bore him a long way in his arms, and came to a long and narrow firth, where there was a little vessel and one man in it.