Fisheries [noun]

Definition of Fisheries:

the chase

Synonyms of Fisheries:

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Sentence/Example of Fisheries:

The Mi’kmaq have long faced racism from many of their non-Indigenous neighbors, but that racism has ramped up in recent weeks, and a lobster fishery is at the heart of the tensions, which have exploded into protests across the country.

Lake Victoria is the world’s largest freshwater fishery, supporting the livelihoods of 4 million people.

A ship will sail for the South Sea fishery in about five weeks, and will engage to take the whole of the engines.

There are an extensive mackerel and herring fishery, and motor engineering works.

The Colchester oyster beds are mainly in this part of the Colne, and the oyster fishery is the chief industry.

The fur-seal fishery is an important industry, though apparently a declining one.

Pass by the other parts, and look at the manner in which the people of New England have of late carried on the whale fishery.

She delivered oracles in dreams to those who consulted her about fishery and seafaring.

A more legitimate source of gain was found in the whale fishery, which was successfully encouraged by a premium.

Princetown is proposed to be built on a most convenient spot of ground as well for fishery as fortification.