Fishes [verb]

Definition of Fishes:

throwing bait to catch seafood

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Sentence/Example of Fishes:

On March 20, 2019, fish caught in Ohio’s Cuyahoga River were declared safe to eat by federal environmental regulators.

The new work provides important context for data being collected on fish stocks.

Sims and Berni wonder how these ideas might be explored in vertebrates like mice and zebra fish.

For example, fishes who start living and evolving in unlit caves often lose their eyes, because the costs of developing them outweigh their advantages.

This makes the online world an exceptionally volatile environment, where big fishes swallow the small ones.

These are like the bacteria or green algae that grow in a fish tank, Srubar explains.

The seas held fish, microscopic plankton and hulking, swimming reptiles.

In this game from PBS Kids, you can design mini farms that use fish, pipes and water to grow food.

These fish have special organs that generate an electrical pulse.

It’s the overwhelmingly dominant factor in making the unique taste of meat and fish.